Architect Yeafes Osman
Ministry of Science & Technology


I am delighted to know that the Bangladesh Psychological Association (BPA) and the Department of Psychology, University of Dhaka, are jointly organizing the “Psychology Conference” during 16-17 November 2018.
On this auspicious occasion, I would like to convey my heartfelt felicitation to the delegates attending the conference from home and abroad. It is evident that the knowledge of psychology and the application of psychological sciences can play a vital role to the development of skilled, creative and effective human resources, which is a prerequisite condition of national development. Moreover psychological knowledge is essential to address the issues like preparing syllabi and curricula, managing classroom activities effectively, evaluating students’ achievement properly, ensuring quality of education, as well as maintaining sound mental health and well-being of the people.
I hope and believe that the conference will come up with specific and concrete recommendations through scholarly sharing of psychological knowledge.
I wish every success of the “Psychology Conference 2018” and congratulate you all to have such a nice gathering.

Architect Yeafes Osman