A.K. Azad
Dhaka University Alumni Association


I came to know that the Bangladesh Psychological Association (BPA) – the leading professional organization of Psychologists in Bangladesh, in conjunction with the Department of Psychology, University of Dhaka, is going to organize a two-day “Psychology Conference” during November 16-17, 2018, at the University of Dhaka. It is my pleasure as well as an honor and opportunity to be with the Psychologists and express my feeling before them. With the increasing economic and development activities in the country, the rate of work force entering into different types of job is also increasing. As a result, the issues like personnel selection and placement, training, workplace stress, conflict, negotiation, and mental health of the working people are needed to be addressed properly for maintaining congenial working environment, which will ultimately contribute to the increase in productivity and over-all national development. I do believe, the psychologists can play an effective role in resolving these issues.

I wish every success of the “Psychology Conference 2018”.

A.K. Azad